Sign structures must be designed to withstand several different environmental factors at once. The first criteria that must me addressed are the load and stress factors exterted by the force of the wind. Windload and wind pressure are the most common cause for failure of a sign structure.

A sign structure can basically be broken down into three parts:

1) A foundation.
2) A structural support or supports.

3) The sign itself.

Each of the three components has to be designed for the specific dimensions and location of your sign. Some factors include:

Overall height above ground
Size of the sign or signs
Predictable wind pressure as determined by your geographic location
Soil type and/or quality

Other environmental or design factors affecting the structure

All of the signs sold by Signsite.Net are designed to meet a 125 mph windload rating unless otherwise noted. Certified engineer drawings are available for any sign we sale at an additional cost. Depending on your location and local sign codes this may be required.

Signsite.Net assumes no responsibility for any installation which we do not directly contract or install. All specifications and recommendations supplied are based on sound engineering and sign manufacturing principles. Engineered drawings can be provided. recommends contract a qualified sign installer to erect your sign. All sign specifications should be confirmed with your local authorities as to compliance with all codes, restrictions and requirements before purchase. Signsite.Net does not guarantee the suitability of any sign for any use other than intended unless specifically stated in the purchase agreement. Uses other than for the intended purpose is at the sole risk of the purchaser/user(s).