Most sign packages are set up to be installed with ease.. As such, installation recommendations will be provided with each job. Many packages will require that you have the proper equipment, or contract a qualified sign installer to have them install the package for you. Your customized sign package along with the resources and skills you possess will determine whether or not you need the contract the installation.

Most all installations will require the following procedures, skills and equipment:

  1. Dig the structure foundation (post hole diggers, shovels, strong back, etc.)
  2. Set the pole(s) or structural supports, pour concrete (skill with level and knowledge of concrete; larger project requires more time and ability)
  3. Set the sign (pole covers, decorative attachments, etc. included)( this may require equipment and or services of a qualified sign installer)
  4. Finish work of the installation (Paint pole, touch up sign, electrical accomodations)
  5. Final electrical hook-up (we recommend that you do not complete final wiring of your sign package. Only a certified electrician should attempt the final electrical (primary) installation)

Signsite.Net assumes no responsibility for any installation which we do not directly contract or install. All specifications and recommendations supplied are based on sound engineering and sign manufacturing principles. Engineered drawings can be provided. recommends contract a qualified sign installer to erect your sign. All sign specifications should be confirmed with your local authorities as to compliance with all codes, restrictions and requirements before purchase. Signsite.Net does not guarantee the suitability of any sign for any use other than intended unless specifically stated in the purchase agreement. Uses other than for the intended purpose is at the sole risk of the purchaser/user(s).